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The origin and development of intelligent transportation situation

by:JLTcard     2020-11-21
The United States is the world's intelligent traffic ( 它的) Developing countries earlier. American planning is the first official from 1995 released ITS 'national intelligent transportation project planning,' intelligent transportation system planning in the specified by seven large area and 29 user service function, and to determine the annual development plan in 2005. Seven areas include: travel and traffic management system, travel demand management system, public transportation operation system, commercial vehicle operation system, electronic charge system, emergency management system, advanced vehicle control and safety systems. Each area all include the corresponding user services. In 2001 the United States department of transportation and the American association of intelligent transport ( ITSAmerica) Jointly compiled by the national intelligent transport system ten years development plan has been clear about the development of the region as a whole system of the construction of the subject. Intelligent transportation past - — Stay in layman's mind the layman's understanding of intelligent transportation may also stay captured through a red light, the level of monitoring speeding, intersection control. But professionals know, intelligent transportation technology changes with each passing day, captured through a red light of such 'pediatrics' is the matter of the past. Intelligent transportation is the basis of the traditional traffic engineering theory and practice, in order to improve the transportation system reliability, safety, economy, comfort and efficiency for the purpose. Society for greater demands of the transportation system, intelligent transportation market is slowly opened. Intelligent transportation of this life - — Technology changes with each passing day today, under the guidance of the industry's giants, intelligent transportation can be user requirements through in-depth mining, integration, intelligent face recognition, big data and cloud storage, cloud computing, such as intelligent predictive technology, guide into safe and smooth traffic transportation industry, the road traffic the new field of wisdom. In road monitoring, it is illegal to traditional testing can be done through a red light and speeding, consists car captured vehicles such as illegal behavior analysis, intelligent image analysis algorithm can not achieve now wearing a seatbelt, call behavior detection, visor detection, and many other intelligent behavior analysis, in order to better regulate the driver behavior, accidents and illegal sources. In transport applications, face bayonet function of the role is very obvious, it analyzes capture facial part, in this picture than blacklisting library, helping with illegal crime, realizes the urban road smooth and orderly development of public safety. In addition to the driver behavior standards, intelligent transportation integrated solutions on the characteristics of the vehicle behavior analysis is extremely important. Integrated intelligent traffic control system using RFID technology, also can carry on the secondary attributes of vehicle recognition, license plate number, license plate color, body color, models, logo, brand vehicles such as properties, not only increase the identification of species, but also increase the speed of analysis, to establish a comprehensive system for the traffic police vehicles library provides a powerful technical support. Based on big data traffic police vehicle system, the combination of creative road, weather, seasons, holidays, and many other factors, using big data technology to analyze traffic violation operation rule reasoning, of the illegal behavior of the overall characteristics of the quantitative, real-time status, the future trend of intuitive features, at the same time analysis the impact on the traffic law, road conditions for the traffic police department traffic violations of prevention, control, improve traffic canalization design work to provide data support. Traffic data intelligent analysis based on the traffic data from the front end, Road information, vehicle information, vehicle plate, vehicle type, the body color, speed, etc. ) As the foundation, through the correlation algorithm, mining and assess the correlation between different categories of traffic data, in the end of auxiliary part of the traffic behavior or event analysis judgment, provide decision-making basis for traffic management. Future - — To solve the problem is still a lot of safe, orderly and smooth traffic is a target for the future development of intelligent transportation. The development of intelligent transportation has been on a step, however, as the growth of the city traffic, traffic congestion, the future intelligent transportation need to solve the question also many, is more difficult. Intelligent transportation is a dose of traffic is frequently mentioned in recent years a 'cure', also is the standard wisdom urban construction blueprint. However, intelligent transportation can really let all traffic problem solved? The answer is no. Intelligent transportation must be reduced congestion, more orderly and more smooth. Assume that intelligent transportation reduce the traffic jam, it may be more people to buy a car, will bring more problems. This is we have to consider in the building of the intelligent transportation system. return
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