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The quality problem of the PVC card and solutions

by:JLTcard     2020-11-22
A color deviation due to most of the PVC card use puzzle printing, with the PS version of the dozens of orders, therefore in print, it is difficult to take care of each order, sometimes an order color is correct, but another color. Solution to this problem is to use a special version of the print, that is, a PS printing only one order, so the color will be more accurate. Sometimes, is due to the large variation of the material color of color, this leads to the printing of PVC CARDS and often things are quite different. For example, if the material color is deeper, surface finish is not good enough, the print card will be entirely in black. This problem can only be solved by changing the material. Two, PVC card is the main reason of the serious scratches appear the quality problem in the process of mixing. And comb, in the process of composite steel plate need to heat the two PVC board and pressed together to suppress PVC board. If steel finish is not good enough, or the maintenance of steel plate is not good, would be in plank obvious scratch marks on the surface of inhibition, thus affecting the appearance of the card. Solution is to replace already wear plate. Three, the deformation of PVC card conformity of grain number would appear, if the pressure setting is too large, it is easy to deform the card. The solution is to reduce stress. Another case is the side increases the effect of PVC card, but not for the other side. Solution is in the both sides of the membrane, or do not add double sided. Four, PVC card, is the cause of hierarchical hybrid time is not enough to reach the melting point of PVC sheet, and insufficient mixing time, lead to two PVC sheet can't fully bonded. Solution is to improve the synthesis temperature or extend the synthesis process of time. Five, the edge is not smooth and the reasons for this problem must be mold wear too much or have a gap, the solution is to repair or replace the mould.
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