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The RFID applications and research

by:JLTcard     2020-11-21
RFID for the common people, the word may be a bit strange, but the entrance card, attendance card, bus card, etc. , are familiar with. RFID technology into daily life already, and intelligent life is more a slogan of the pursuit of convenience and quality of life improve, the passage of the bill through the electronic ticket management, let now regularly check whether to carry when we go out easy card, IC card and icash electronic ticket, such as the convenience of a variety of measures is also convenient for you, my life. When it comes to RFID would say to the Internet, through the master, passive RFID intelligence identification technology and the Internet of things technology equipment integration, is the future of each field solution in one direction, also can more close to the ideal of life wisdom. Main and passive RFID applications from the RFID in the main, passive applications can observe the application of overlaps, but regardless of single passive or active RFID technology, all may not be able to complete with the user situation required. So in recent years, under the trend of Internet application, from the spirit of the Internet of things to see at present based on the identification of RFID to derive the wisdom of life, there was an obvious progress in space. RFID in the architecture of Internet of things belong to the key technologies required of perception layer, because of RFID is so important, if you will be the main, passive RFID on the need of environment and situation to consolidate and join all kinds of perceptual components or sensor, a complete and proper application in various fields can be born. Environmental control, for example, Internet radio control unit (provided by the equipment supplier Such as: lamp holder, wide mains socket, projection, air conditioning and security detection equipment, etc. ) Are mature and in place, although most of the suppliers are available in the mobile device platform can download and install the App program for remote control, but the wireless remote control and wisdom can never equal sign off, this based on the intelligent identification of the main, passive RFID can play an important role, with programmable read through passive RFID equipment certification, certification and registration system after the permission granted, then send the back-end can control the subject matter, such as the application of space management; To join active RFID positioning technology, in addition to applicable to general safety requirements of the access control, monitoring, application, give the traffic convenience, also can through wiegand agreement with both the entrance guard equipment integration deepening field identification and authorization, such as the activities of the control area personnel and equipment usage scenarios, when need high security control of places, such as open vaults or safe, or the need to present to specific people open action, can be set to only certain personnel along the active RFIDTag domain to the specified area, the system will power to passive reader, on card only after open the vault and subsequent action or the safe. And as warehouse management, warehouse management past are fixed on the goods will be passive RFIDTag through passive reader track goods or commodities information, if left in the process of transporting goods or still in shipping on the way, can't know the location of the goods when incised with actual number remaining. If it adopts active RFID, because need a lot of active Tag, produce of the high cost, so the principal and the integration of passive RFID Tag on the goods, we still can use passive type, then active Tag set up on the transport machinery, through a passive reader obtains the quantity of the goods and items to collect to active Tag after, again by active Tag comes to collect the information, the present position and finally via the backend system of the integration of instant know cargo status. And for asset management, passive Tag can be placed in the lower price or not easy to move large assets, the unit price higher need immediate management or mobile assets more easily, manage is used for active Tag. Therefore Lord, passive RFID integration brings to the enterprise is one of the important benefits to reduce the number of shipments the probability of error, save manual inventory time, improved productivity and efficiency, reduce cost and improve accuracy, raise the competitiveness of the enterprise. return
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