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The RFID card protector can prevent hackers steal card data

by:JLTcard     2020-11-18
Once upon a time, there was an episode: 'a friend made a lot of money recently, earned ten thousand yuan a day. I asked him how to walk so fast, he said he has a separate bus company, in the name of the bus company. Car is still in the driving every day, but the car bus card reader is removed, the speaker's voice was pinched off, his wife will be back in the bag, crammed into the subway. A person's backpack, have two dollars! 'Then, indeed someone using this method will be arrested. You will feel no money on the credit card. In fact, not only is public transportation card. Brush is more terrible than the bus card stolen, hackers to read and modify the data flash memory CARDS. About smart card security, RFID card protector of our company's function is to protect the flash card, the second generation of ID CARDS and bus card's data safety. In order to prevent the long-standing RFID Skimming attack. In order to prevent rf hackers use rf read-write equipment remote access or modify the card at any time sensitive data. If you need this rfid card protector, you can contact us. Can provide free samples for quality test.
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