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The RFID system analyses

by:JLTcard     2020-11-18
RFID is mainly used in the Internet of things in perceptual recognition layer, is a radio frequency identification ( RadioFrequencyIdentification) For short, is to use electromagnetic wave can be used for wireless communication ( Radio frequency) To automatically identify individual non-contact automatic identification technology, such as in daily life is very common entrance guard system. In terms of system, the most basic of the RFID system including the RFID electronic tag, RFID reader, antenna, and record and process the information of the computer system. In terms of working principle, the RFID reader antenna to send electronic signals, after receiving the signal, the RFID electronic tag will launch internal storage identification information, may pass the RFID reader antenna and identification of electronic label to send back the information, the results identified by the RFID reader will eventually sent to the host. The RFID electronic tag is also known as smart tags, refers to using the radio frequency identification technology, which have certain storage capacity chip. In general, complete the RFID electronic tag made of chip, antenna, paper media ( Or plastic media) Base material. Among them, the chip area, there are two data is the ID and the user data area respectively. ID area used to store global UID (unique identifier When making chips are stored in ROM, can't modify) ; Users data area is for users to store data, can read and write, modify, or increase the operation. At the same time, the RFID electronic tag antenna is to achieve space rf signal transmission and to establish a wireless connection of the equipment. Worth mentioning is that although the widely used non-contact IC card ( As people often use the second generation id card, urban transportation IC card, etc. ) With general RFID electronic tag sometimes use the same frequency rate ( 13. 56兆赫) , but as a result of both different from wireless communication protocol between reader, so not general, but we should not confuse between the two. Not only that, non-contact IC card in the communication distance, shape, management object, the unit price are different from the RFID electronic tag. return
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