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To track the new type of rough wood RFID short nail tags

by:JLTcard     2020-11-18
The forestry sector provides a case of application of uhf RFID technology, namely tracking every tree was cut down trees in the forest, records to sell every piece of wood from the forest, but there is no one kind of unique RFID tag can adapt to the situation. Non-metallic fasteners manufacturers wood industry Utility Composites sales director Andrew Frascone explains, rough wood is not suitable for used as adhesive, uhf RFID tags can be shot down or blown away. In addition, embedded in the label on the wood will give the use incompatible with metal cutting equipment factory problems, and label installation also takes a few minutes. In Texas Utility of Composites developed a can to solve this problem by nailing gun quick embedding passive uhf RFID plastic nail short label solution. So far, timber and forestry companies have been printed with a metal tag ID number, and then transported to remove these labels from the tree. Frascone said, bar code is another option, but they may not be able to withstand high temperature weather conditions or sawmill drying furnace. In many cases, as much as 10% of the trees have been cut down eventually will still be missing, because they may have tumbled into place has not been found. The Utility of the Composites SunDog label the Utility of plastic Composites RFID short nail label can be directly in a few seconds nail into the wood. Frascone explained that the label Impinj UHF RFID chips inside, not only strong and durable, can ensure that it retains and can work normally in the wood, but also equipped with which can be read at the extension of the antenna. The Utility Composites has three fastener product line: Raptor Nails, Black Magic Staples and the recently released SunDog RFID tags. SunDog brand comes from the requirement of the forestry industry. Frascone said: 'there are many different kinds of RFID tags, but the specific problem of rough wood tag. 'Therefore, the company created this kind of label and special nailing machine, can be in less than a second time to each short RFID plastic nail nails into a log, a tree, or a piece of wood. Cixin RFID plastic nail short label has been tested, can be used for wood kiln, also can withstand chemical soak for several hours. A timber companies are using the RFID short nail label tracking it in the wild and to receive the log in the factory. Woodcutter cut down a tree, first to be cut into pieces, at the end of each paragraph SunDog label on the nail, and then through the handheld UHF RFID read-write device reads each label information, so that the log information added to the inventory management system. Can read/write device through a bluetooth connection to the mobile device, the user to input data on the wood, for every log assigned a link to the only ID tags. When the log is sent to the factory, they were unloading into a heap, stripped bark, cut into planks. Before peeling stage and cutting board, tags can be read again. As a result of these tags are made of plastic, they will not cause any problem for wood cutting equipment, so there is no need to remove the tag. Once the logs are cut into lumber and stacking up, sawmills can use a new label to track each timber to drying oven, to dry and to a planer inventory. Using RFID rather than traditional printing or bar code label has several advantages. First, RFID tags can be read in the range of about 35 feet, read and write so workers can use handheld device to identify all the logs in a pile of logs, without the logs heap crawling around looking for a particular log. In this way, they can quickly determine the log may be lost. In addition, the distance of the RFID tag reads also make it possible to have many other application cases. For example, RFID short nail label was applied to the pole. The only ID of each code on the label is connected to a specific utility poles and its location. Then, during the maintenance on the pole, the workers without leaving their cars can read each wire pole ID number, pole previous maintenance history information, and it was the last time maintenance time and way. If employees found problems such as pole tilt, or need to set up the service call, they can be read from the vehicle tag data and enter the service request. Then the workers can use these data to identify quickly need to repair the pole. Short nail tags can also be used for wooden pallets. At present, the RFID tag is inserted in the reusable plastic tray, but Frascone pointed out that the scope of reading labels are shrinking. Through the wooden pallets used short nail labels, logistics companies, manufacturers and retailers can be obtained when the goods through the dock gate of data related to specific tray. In addition, passive uhf RFID short nail label solutions can also be used to mark the living trees. Timber companies in management to cut down the trees in the forests, can all the trees embedded tags for a particular area, and each tag ID and the corresponding trees when mature, when logging information link. The scheme is tested in chemistry and pressure processing, which can be used in the utility poles and railway sleepers manufacturers. Frascone said that the company has SunDog short nail labels for the underwater testing, test results show that it can be in underwater transmission data. This suggests that the labels can wet or immersed in liquid application scenarios, such as the rod stacked with pool in the yard, SunDog short nail tags can be a good solution. At present, some construction sites provide ramp the crane company also in the research on the solution. Other company or organization can also use SunDog TAB to monitor the health of the living trees in the forest. Frascone said: 'these tags help to trace to identify each tree, if the trees of the forest disease happens, they can easily identify the affected trees. 'To return to
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