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Tobacco logistics transport using RFID paper tray

by:JLTcard     2020-11-21
On the wooden pallets add a piece of paper with the RFID chip sliding tray, forklift to slide the paper tray with a dedicated push-pull device together with the tray on the top cigarette fork, after outbound scanning chip information loading, has completed the paper tray unloading cigarettes in industrial link. Industrial delivery trucks loaded with 1600 cigarette separates, and slide the paper tray cigarette 24 pieces/tray, two floors up and down or so two COINS, a transverse section four pallet loading mode, can be loaded cigarette tray, 1536, 64 cubed out 96%, than the traditional tray transport cubed out of 960 of 60%, loading link labor reduces the three people. Industrial delivery vans arrived at the business, first by the special push-pull forklift clip paper slide the tray, and 24 pieces of cigarette paper along with the whole tray slide tray pushed to the wooden pallets, sweep the whole tray code reuse ordinary forklift relay, a series of procedures, cigarette in the commercial part warehouse operations have been completed. At present, the paper sliding tray cigarettes per to discharge the goods at the time of about 1 minute, a smoke discharging efficiency 260 / person/hour, paper slide tray unloading efficiency about 300 / person/hour, the unloading link labor reduce 2 ~ 3 people. Slide tray transportation than traditional paper tray transportation advantage mainly displays in three aspects: one is solved the problem of the pallet standard is not unified. Use paper tray as the carrier, have the effect of the different standard pallet converter, truly achieve the tray standard seamless docking, don't need to change or purchase traditional tray, also need not transform elevated library. 2 it is to solve the problem of low cubed out. Multimodal transport low cubed out than traditional tray, paper cubed out slide the tray transport can reach 96%, significantly reduce logistics costs. 3 it is easy to recycle and finishing. Slide tray than traditional paper tray, its small volume, light weight, collection, sorting and storage is relatively simple, relevant fees significantly lower than the traditional tray. For industry and commerce enterprise, use paper pallet, in addition to the need to increase funding for push-pull forklift, paper sliding tray, the rest of the hardware requirements and traditional pallet is consistent, without additional investment; A traditional tray transportation flow efficiency and protect the quality of cigarette advantage; The paper tray is easy to organize, storage and recycling. return
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