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Turkey's garbage disposal RFID optimization plan

by:JLTcard     2020-11-22
Izzy mitt city lies to the east of Turkey's largest city Istanbul. Now through the use of RFID bin labels and mapping technology to optimize the city garbage collection and processing. Izzy, municipal household garbage processing department to deploy RFID, to create solutions based on digital maps, in order to improve the public service and improve the quality and efficiency of collection services. RFID the bin label is installed on each bin, to mark the location of the garbage in the digital map. Every smart tag is with screw, welded or epoxy adhesive is installed on the trash can. RFID reader installed at the back of their garbage trucks, usually in the position to empty. When reading the trash on the label, will be on the GSM system will garbage truck's current location information and data sent to the host server. Through these information, izzy milt municipal household garbage processing unit which can track garbage truck every garbage collected in a timely manner. This will help the company to optimize collection routes. Izzy milt can set up a processing box number of charts. Staff can see garbage collection time interval, the total number of trash on the map as well as the total number of bins have been collected. The color code on the map shows all the trash can. For example, red said the bin is not dump more than 48 hours. Izzy milt report can be generated, indicates the average capacity per garbage truck and the historical route. You can also view and manage, to determine the distance of each garbage truck. Remove rubbish, the client will receive SMS alerts. Through the use of intelligent maps and route, the company can cut down the route of 110 km to 70 km. By reducing the travel time of each route can save 25% of the fuel. The system also helps to identify bin shortage areas, thus more reasonable allocation of the trash. In addition, the RFID system can help enterprises and the sub-contractor management and daily automated process statistics, as well as the bin bin location change of daily inventory information and inform.
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