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U. S. military deployment pre-filled production line automatic needle RFID chip power data tracking

by:JLTcard     2020-11-21
The us department of defense ( DoD) With the United States department of health and human services ( HHS) Announced that the two departments with the United States ApiJect Systems America company sign value is 1. $300 million contract, the implementation of 'Project Jumpstart' and 'RAPID' USA today, the two plans since October 2020, to expand the domestic medical syringe and drug pre-filled ability of production. The contract by the department of defense joint acquisition task force ( 联合收购任务部队,JATF) Led, HHS and the office of the assistant secretary for preparedness and response affairs coordination, will support the Jumpstart program using the mature blowing potting integration ( BFS) Sterile plastic manufacturing technology, rapid production and supply prefi lled syringes, once the new vaccine approved by clinical test listed, then the technology and materials available for distribution after filling used. Jumpstart 'project will upgrade immediately a sufficient number of domestic existing BFS facilities, installation of filling line and carry on the improvement of technology, can achieve by the end of 2020 production capacity of more than 100 million prefi lled syringes, for use in the United States. Why early deployment has not yet developed new crown vaccine filling production technology? Before the original ampoule filling most dependent on other countries in the United States, rather than in domestic production. Another content of the contract is accelerating ApiJect Systems, America 'RAPID ( 快速注射药物的无菌包装) USA 'plan, build the BFS production facilities in the United States, its final production goal is to produce more than 500 million cigarettes in 2021 prefi lled syringes. The work will be the first in Connecticut, south Carolina, and Illinois, and may extend to other states. RAPID will provide better survival skills to cope with the future national health emergency, can be in emergency cases rapidly on a large scale vaccination of the population. RAPID filling - permanently Finishing production capacity will significantly reduce American dependence on overseas supply chain, as well as to the production cycle time is relatively long continued dependence on technology. According to ApiJect Systems, America's official website, BFS prefi lled syringe production technology is a trust by the FDA, has more than 50 years history of production technology, every year billions of agent medicines, vaccines and other drug use BFS technology aseptic filling in a plastic container. Most americans are familiar with technology of BFS filling of sterile eye drops and nasal spray. ApiJect companies have added a needle on BFS container interfaces, created the world's first BFS prefi lled syringes, the cost is very low. The four advantages of BFS prefi lled syringe as follows: 1. Low cost. Production efficiency of BFS make pre-installed BFS syringe total cost less than 10 per doses doses of medicine bottles and traditional syringe. 2. High production efficiency. Every 5 - a BFS machine More than 7 seconds to produce pre-filled syringes, a month can produce up to 15 million pre-filled syringes. 3. Security is higher. Pre-filled syringe does not use traditional glass bottles, because glass is often cross contamination. BFS pre-filled syringe can't refill, reuse or cross contamination. 4. Data are available for tracking. Each BFS pre-installed on the syringe has a RFID chips. With health workers on the phone for free application links, the administrator can real-time remote tracking each injection, including injection drug, dose, injection time and place, etc. return
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