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Uhf RFID technology for fire equipment management become more simple and easy

by:JLTcard     2020-11-18
In the process of fire of fire, it is very important to the management of fire fighting equipment, how to guarantee every police in an emergency to take enough meet the field application of the fire fighting equipment, is a major task of fire control part. How to improve, innovation, science, the implementation of the intelligent fire control management pattern, must make full use of all kinds of advanced science and technology, improve the service concept and quality of fire control work. Through RFID technology management equipment routine maintenance and inspection can make fire management become more efficient and concise. The management of fire equipment, the core lies in the establishment of basic data, and in all the key node for data acquisition and obtain. Use the advanced information technology, strengthen information management ability, strengthen the regulatory inspection process, improve the management level of the whole fire control equipment, eliminate the safety hidden trouble is urgent. By hong lu uhf handset scanning deployment in the RFID electronic tag on the fire fighting equipment, real-time transmitting equipment working conditions to the platform after the fire, help to understand the operation of fire fighting equipment in time, also can timely screening fire hazards. Intelligent fire through the encryption key parts in fire and fire control facilities installation of RFID electronic tag and build id identification, using RFID technology to scan electronic tags for daily patrol data work. RFID automatic identification function records the inspectors check mark, to replace the traditional paper inspection records, changed the traditional fire patrol does not reach the designated position, the present situation of the inspection record is not true. Fire equipment management system based on RFID technology by installing the RFID electronic tag on fire equipment, binding the corresponding asset information in the background, the key node and process, through the RFID technology to realize the target of automatic recognition and object information. RFID fire equipment management system has quickly identify over a long distance, high reliability, high confidentiality, easy to operate, easy to expand advantages, such as asset recognition system can run independently. In the future, intelligent fire control can realize fire management of grid. The city according to the standard into several districts according to certain unit grid, through strengthen patrol on unit grid management, establish a new system of supervision and management. Grid control concept, for the government, industry, enterprise to provide a practical management scheme, the model of grid management in fire safety management work, not only helps to implement fire safety management work, also can effectively promote the effectiveness of the fire control safety supervision and management, improve the work efficiency and quality of fire safety management, so that the fire safety management to better serve the society, service of actual combat, the people's livelihood. Using RFID technology to fire equipment management, make equipment management become easy and simple, to avoid the manual operation and record the data error and time cost, solve the problems in the existing management mode, real time control of the operation situation of fire fighting equipment, can be timely screening fire hazards effectively improve the efficiency of the fire control safety supervision and management, make fire safety nip in the bud, which guarantees safe use of fire equipment. return
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