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Use RFID, Brazil plastic factory will order preparation time shortened by 60%

by:JLTcard     2020-11-20
Multinova foam plastic factory recently enabled RFID solutions to track its products UHF RFID reader order picking and recognition, improve accuracy and efficiency. Before the deployment of RFID technology, Multinova picking and inventory work to be done is to use the bar code reader. Through the use of RFID system, the staff will no longer need to manually read the inventory of bar code label. Employees also do not need to find the label for each project to complete the order picking work. Now, they just put the foam roller finish inventory and identify work fill the entrance to the readers. The company also measure the effectiveness of RFID deployment. Results show that the RFID system to improve the security, speed up the stock inventory and order preparation process. The company claims the RFID technology can be the employee's work time reduced by 60%. Next, the company will use RFID inventory automation and efficiency of the customer.
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