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We need to know what are the problems when making rfid smart card?

by:JLTcard     2020-11-22
Now the application of rfid smart card is quite widespread, we often use entrance card, membership card, KTV, meters card belongs to the rfid smart card, etc. Making rfid smart CARDS we need to know: 1. Orders in front of the card must indicate the type of the chip, the thickness of the card ( Thick thick card in card thin card) , white card or printed card. 2. Before the order must be confirmed, the selected the chip can be normal use on its own system. If chips are improper selection, leading to a chip, usually cannot be used, risk borne by the customer. Therefore, must first test the chip before ordering. 3. Due to the chip card is limited to a raised position, consult our merchants before the design manuscript to locate the convex code. 4. In general, choose domestic chip, the price will be much cheaper than the original chips. Therefore, we recommend the customer use domestic chip as soon as possible. 5. The standard thickness of the contact chip card is 0. 84 mm, the thickness of the contactless chip card is 0. 90mm- 1. 10mm。 This is the way we need to know the production of smart card. Shenzhen Goldbridge specializes in RFID smart card factory. If you want to continue to consulting, can visit our website and consult our online customer service. Or send inquiry to us.
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