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What are the advantages of RFID key string?

by:JLTcard     2020-11-19
The edge of the RFID card is a booming industry, an industry more and more close to our life. In the development of the Internet of things, RFID card plays a more and more important role. Now, everyone has a few RFID card, but when there are a lot of RFID card, it is very easy to lose and easy to damage. When many CARDS together, RFID card of the same frequency band will interfere with each other, lead to the RFID card failure. Therefore, RFID card need to by other forms of people carry, therefore RFID key chain appear on the market. Compared with ordinary RFID card, RFID key chain what advantage is there? RFID key chains have hundreds of different shapes, can meet the personalized needs. 2. Compared with ordinary RFID card, RFID key chain the biggest advantage is small and exquisite, carry convenience. Second, the pressure resistance stronger. Ordinary RFID card is easy to fold and damage. The appearance of RFID has a circular ring and flexible, and key chain in the form of storage method to a great extent, to avoid the damage due to carelessness. 3. Because of its independence, when many CARDS together, RFID key chain did not interfere with each other shortcomings. As a result, people are more comfortable and convenient to use. In addition, the key chain has very strong waterproof, dustproof and anti-corrosion ability. RFID key chain become more and more popular, people are keen to custom the unique key chain, to show their quality of life and attitude towards life.
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