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What are the application of RFID card in our daily life

by:JLTcard     2020-11-19
The progress of science and technology and innovation makes great changes have taken place in our lives. Everywhere, science and technology products, such as cars, mobile phones, computers, etc. The universe for the rockets to a piece of RFID card. RFID card has been used in our life, entrance card, attendance card, bank CARDS, etc. The RFID CARDS can be read without touching the information. The RFID card consists of a chip and antenna. Chip and antenna encapsulated in PVC material. RFID card can quickly send the information to the appropriate receiver. RFID card is widely used. The most commonly used is the entrance card. We just put the RFID card on the door sensors, door will open automatically. Gate entrance card for residence, office door, etc. RFID card to replace the traditional key, greatly saves time and reduces the carrying keys for the inconvenience. The RFID card is also used in the consumption field, the application is very broad. Such as public transportation card, canvas, meal card, etc. When we are on the bus or eat don't have to worry about the trouble to change. This can save a lot of time, for us to make our lives easier. RFID card is one of the most important functions is that they can be written information and to help us to record information. For example, we have to play hard this feature. When enter and exit job, punching machine information is recorded in advance in the RFID card, and then the sensor in automatic identification RFID card punched, information. RFID card application widely, more and more mature technology, safety performance is getting better and better. It brought us the convenience, also brought security to our lives.
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