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When RFID reader

by:JLTcard     2020-11-19
RFID reader with RFID antenna wireless communication with RFID tags, and can be read or written tag identification code and data storage. A typical RFID reader including high frequency module ( Transmitters and receivers) The control unit and the reader antenna. RFID technology is used in many industries, such as logistics, anti-counterfeiting traceability, industrial manufacturing, ETC, ETC. Especially in the industrial 4 is put forward. After the concept of zero, the RFID reader is widely used in manufacturing. RFID reader in manufacture, transportation and warehouse management is becoming more and more prominent. In the process of production to replace the barcode to brush gun, to realize the automatic collection of data; Material towbar with AGV car transport; Link management of goods in and out of the warehouse, inventory, etc. In highway electronic toll collection system (ETC) Electronic toll collection system) Read and write, is defined as RSU ( Roadside units) Unit, that is, the side of the road and vehicle unit ( OBU) 。 RFID reader is used to realize the identification of the vehicles, in the yard management deducted automatically. If you are using a remote UHF RFID reader, it can not stop or card access or unattended channels of the fast lanes. RFID reader can be divided into 125 KHZ, 13. 56 MHZ, 900 MHZ, based on frequency, 125 KHZ, often referred to as LF, usually used for livestock management; 13. 56 MHZ: generally called HF, is used for driving and school personnel management, etc. You can also for asset management; 900 MHZ, generally referred to as the UHF, long-distance communication, can good crashworthiness, commonly used in the parking lot and logistics.
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