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When the drugs industry meets the RFID technology

by:JLTcard     2020-11-21
Over the past century, major adr event occurred frequently, especially JiaLie drug problems, make people aware of the importance and urgency of strengthen the listed drug safety supervision. Counterfeit drugs not only brings economic losses, also bring people to see a lot of damage, and even threaten the life of people, the people of counterfeit drugs. Even some drugs over the period of validity, through illegal processing workshop, again into the circulation, which cause serious damage to people's lives and health. At the same time as the therapeutic effect of fake drugs and drug production enterprise is large, the authenticity of drugs or medical effect, even result in deterioration, the credibility of drugs severely damage, affect the medicine enterprise's normal production and economic benefit. These fake drugs is not only the natural enemies of the drug manufacturer, more make fearful when consumers buy medicine, so, how can resist heavy JiaLie drugs and the drug into the circulation? And how to better and more rapid identification of the authenticity of these products? The RFID electronic tag is one of the way. 1. Meaning with the rapid development of RFID technology, and management of drugs in the use of RFID technology, especially in pharmaceutical anti-counterfeiting, tracking and supply chain management are also beginning to play a huge role. RFID electronic tag has a large capacity of storage, transmission speed, not fake, concurrently recognition, such as technical characteristics, from the pharmaceutical production, circulation, to the sales of each link can be real-time tracking, and use the end product will record and upload relevant data in real time. In this way, can obtain accurate real-time information flow, at the same time can increase and improve the monitoring in the process of circulation, and effectively implement anti-fake, curb counterfeit drugs into the market, to a large extent to ensure the safety of drugs. 2. Functional features 01 drug identification only in pharmaceutical processing link for each drug packing box, electronic label gives the only pins, drug administrator by scanning, entry drug related properties, production and use of information, such as the operation needs to be done in pharmaceutical processing link. 02 track the whole process of supply chain drug when by manufacturing enterprises to the sale, by the warehouse management system for electronic label record time and place of delivery and the seller and other related information, from the factory, distribution to the whole process of drug sales tracking regulation. 03 medicines can anti-counterfeiting traceability consumers by scanning the rfid electronic tag on the drugs, can learn the attributes of each medicine, production date, validity of sellers, date of production, distribution and other information. Most information about drugs, medicines only identify the traceability data link to form. 3. Technical advantages 1) Carton only drug identification, ensure identification information not to be copied or tampered with. 2) Because of the only drug, drug production, circulation, sales link to monitor all the way, it can realize drug traceability. 3) Faster recognition. Drug administration have fast scanning characteristics of RFID, can get thousands of information in 1 seconds. 4) RFID electronic tag read information can be penetrated and there was no barrier, can penetrate non-metallic material such as paper, wood and plastic to identify items attribute information. 5) High security. Due to the bearing of the RFID tag is electronic information, data content and operation, and can be used in a password protected, make its content is not easy to be illegal forgery and alteration. Drug quality relationships with people's health, the promotion of RFID technology in pharmaceutical enterprises, is beneficial to improve the level of supervision, maximum limit to prevent the production and sale of counterfeit goods, improving the capacity of accident treatment, enhance consumer confidence in the pharmaceutical and enterprise. At the same time to improve the information level of drug companies and the management ability, is of great help to enhance enterprise competition. return
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