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Why Hotels Use Key Cards Instead of Keys?

Why Hotels Use Key Cards Instead of Keys?


Through the above description of the hotel key card, I believe you must know something about why the hotel prefers the hotel key card. Let’s make a systematic summary. Compared with the key, what are the irreplaceable points of the hotel key card?

First of all, it is cost-effective in the long term. As an enterprise, cost control is not limited to the size of the mechanical key and the room card itself. And once the mechanical key hotel access card price is lost, it must be replaced by a room door lock. For guests, the price of compensation is too high. Changing locks is also a troublesome thing for the hotel.

Second, RFID hotel cards are more secure. Safety is the top priority of the hotel. Once the mechanical key is lost, from the point of view of guest property security, the hotel must change the lock of the room before it can be reused. With RFID cards, guests only need to inform the front desk that the room card has been lost. And the front desk only needs to change a new key card.

Third, it is convenient for hotel management. With the electronic key card, the hotel can take the initiative to control the room. Even if the guest does not return the room card to the front desk, it will not affect the accommodation of the next guest. Moreover, the versatility of RFID hotel key cards can also achieve integrated financial management.

Fourth, it can be set flexibly. The mechanical key can not read any data, but the RFID smart card can read the time of any room card, which room door or any door can be opened through the system.

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