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Why the RFID wristbands than NFC mobile phones is more suitable for festival

by:JLTcard     2020-11-18
RFID wristband is a feature of modern festivals and activities, and simplifies the payments and share experience. Most RFID wristbands containing short distance ( Usually 3 - 5厘米) Passive RFID tags, don't need battery, just near or tapping the RFID reader can obtain energy. When the wrist strap RFID reader detected, it will automatically activate the tag internal antenna coil magnetic field, to provide energy for the label, to label the data transmission to the RFID reader. RFID tags can be directly into the information of wristbands or key used to access personal security database. There are many festivals in the world using RFID wristbands provide quick access to visitors, no cash payment and social media interaction. User can choose to buy tickets online after the RFID wristbands are bound to the Facebook and Twitter account, so that users can be released during the activity, share or 'like' favorite activities. RFID wristbands in a summer in the UK a few festivals, including the isle of wight festival. It is estimated that up to now, at least 3. 5 million visitors used global RFID wristbands. Although you can use the NFC smartphones as an alternative, but the problem is that not everyone has NFC mobile phones, and everyone can use RFID wristbands. Another problem is that mobile phone needs its own power supply, it may have run out of battery. There is usually no charge for site festival site. If the phone power off, there is no mobile phone use electronic wallet, electronic ticket or social media. But this is not to say that NFC useless in the festival. Samsung Galaxy S4 is used as the RFID reader, is a suitable for small handheld scanner. Data show that RFID wristbands produced 3 million Facebook 'like' and 1 billion contactless transactions. RFID wristband has been widely used.
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