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'Wisdom' subway inter-city subway to pay treasure to buy tickets

by:JLTcard     2020-11-21
All over the country in succession in 2015 for 'wisdom city' construction, in government affairs, education, medical, transportation and other fields to the reform and innovation. Recently, guangzhou, in order to further promote the construction of subway 'wisdom', guangzhou metro and shenzhen metro cooperation agreement with alipay, dual pay treasure to buy tickets now try push work has been carried out in turn. Pay treasure inside, guangzhou metro has to buy one way ticket and sweep yards to collect the tickets service, and shenzhen metro announced by WeChat public, also can buy a ticket online, people were the first to experience the convenience of the Internet era and efficient. Take the lead in the subway line 2 of guangzhou metro, guangzhou south railway station and metro line 5 train station official trial pay treasure to buy tickets. Passengers from guangzhou south railway station, just enter the pay treasure to urban services, click on the 'subway ticket', after selection starting point, terminal, and the quantity, payment can be. Take the subway, to the subway station mouth self-service ticket machine (H Cloud the ticket machine) Open the ticket before record, find buying subway tickets qr code, on the self-service ticket machine scanning scan, can get a ticket. But there are in the industry, the ticketing process is similar to the current ticket machine, is also selected the destination and the number of sheets, are just payment way into his hand JiSao code, either by alipay or WeChat payments, processes are not convenient, even a little trouble, only to live the whole scene. Third-party payment are expanding subway transit payment scenarios, this can not help but make people doubt, why another battleground bus travel has become the third party payment? In fact, the public transportation has been municipal project, is also the convenience degree of indicators to measure a city infrastructure. It is understood that in recent years, more buses in the city and intercity buses, taxis, subways and other kinds of transport one card to pay, on the other hand, with the rapid development of technology, all kinds of life, for all the citizens of the new payment also slowly into pictures pay, voice print, face pay for payment become more cool, full of imagination. Bus subway as an important part of the common people life, its payment has the characteristics of small, high frequency, high viscosity, to pay attention to the scene of the payment mechanism, has the vital significance. Currently pay institutions are not just content to serve as a pay channel role, but 'doing nothing' in the direction of the ecosystem building Internet financial services development. Payment is slowly evolved into the entrance of the implement comprehensive Internet financial platform, service platform and all kinds of life's entrance. return
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