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With the help of an Australian company NFC combating counterfeit wine

by:JLTcard     2020-11-18
Australian start-ups Cellr is developing a special technology to crack down on wine of fraud, to prevent the intellectual property of fraud on the market. According to the company, according to such fraud losses every year close to the wine industry 20% total global sales of $350 billion. The technology is advanced manufacturing industry development center (from Australia AMGC) Executive director Jens Goennemann and Cellr founder Chris Braine jointly announced the launch. AMGC is a aims to change the Australian manufacturing industry, causes it to become more global competitiveness and create new jobs. Australian wine cellar new products will use an embedded cap system, the most advanced block chain buyer to verify the authenticity of the purchased products through. Cellr innovation technology embedded into the cork, it has a simple but highly complex solutions, buyers can use the phone to confirm the origin of products, validation, producers and receive promotion and brand push. AMGC jointly funded the innovative product is part of the government industry growth plans. A new product that is expected to be in the electronic engineering field of western Australia, marketing and administration work to create as many as 22 kinds of functions. In general, the company expects the new technology will generate more than $10 million of income. Cellr innovation technology using NFC and RFID in automatic tracking, inventory management and product certification, for the entire global supply chain, from production to the consumer to create value. It also provides a low cost automation solutions to fight product tampering, and replace the old manual inventory management methods. Besides tamper-proof and authentication function, Cellr has also developed a downloadable through the application and the function of the end user interaction, this app will allow consumers from anywhere in the world the scanning products and interact with the brand. By Cellr platform, brand can by activating a group of previously recorded NFC chip and its links to online promotion content, provide instant support for global or local consumer promotions. The system without the custom code for promotions, special packing and delivery time. Braine said, 'through the bottle cap with NFC functions directly into the bottling production line, we offer wine producers a solution without manual operation, to create a back at any time by the consumers' birth certificate ', eliminate the conventional speculation of the authenticity of product at the same time. 'Easy to use and easy to install, this technology solved the problem of the wine industry is increasingly serious. For marketing platform, the brand has a direct interaction with customers and provide them with the content, the ability of competition or product support is precious. Although interactive platform for consumers is free, but producers and suppliers need to pay a small fee to unlock all features. As Cellr team continuously expand the cooperation with manufacturers from all over the world network, platform features list will continue to change. Cellr director and co-founder of Mick Mickel said: 'the global supply chain resources can make use of advanced inventory management, inventory management through automation to reduce labor costs. This is one of the additional advantage of Cellr technology. 'Goennemann said:' Cellr smart cap further proved, the advanced technology allows manufacturers to turn challenges into opportunities. It can protect your products and brands, and can still interact with consumers, when buy this for everyone is an advantage. Cellr technology in broad areas of drinks with infinite potential applications, such as allowing end users to check the product, the search for more information, or with the passage of time, associated with the detailed data they buy products. 'Goennemann further said:' this proves that Australia can and continue to create the world's leading solution. As a government, we are committed to support the local enterprises to adopt and adapt technology to solve the problem of industry, at the same time to develop the economy and create jobs. ', according to Braine Cellr platform can make wine cellar automation, and monitor the movement of the product. 'This system provides a large number of data points real-time update, so our customers can make their organization more efficient and more profitable, so as to omit the craft, expensive and time consuming task. 'Cellr will customize the RFID technology and advanced visual platform integration for a technical solution. Braine said: 'we also provide a market forecast, for example, let dining-room can optimize inventory scale and main product line. In other words, when a restaurant change direction, its menu can make quick and accurate to the change of dynamic customer response. 'Through an integrated platform, this solution can provide business owners understand the visibility of the company's operating situation. 'For any enterprise seeking optimize business performance and customer experience, Cellr platforms are ( Necessary) Products. 'To return to
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