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Zhuhai city 72 future upgrade one cartoon can brush

by:JLTcard     2020-11-20
Future in zhuhai citizens hold upgrade modified dhaka, available in 71 cities in China, including macau, bus or micropayments. 10, 2015 national city pass development conference opened in zhuhai, zhuhai and macau 22 cities as the fifth group joined the national city smart card connectivity platform. It is reported that the zhuhai city general plan is still in the terminal equipment upgrade stage, zhuhai public transportation card company general manager zhang told reporters, 'the city has 100 more buses can accept the connectivity of other cities through credit card service, all expected to upgrade project will be completed in the first half of next year. 'By then, zhuhai citizens hold upgrade modified dhaka, can be in the country's 71 city bus, including macau, or for micropayments. Macau bus system upgrades are synchronized, 'February next year can bus system renovation, all can be completed by the end of next year, including payment of equipment system. 'Macau chien-chiang liu tong co. , LTD. , deputy general manager, told reporters. City group co. , LTD. Is responsible for the national city smart card data connectivity of mobile platform construction, the general manager jian-guo yuan told reporters, 'now, with the function of NFC android phones can be downloaded through the APP is the function of the IC card. 'At present, the six cities across the country had been can be achieved through the APP connectivity,' zhuhai in the next step plan. 'At the same time, the interconnection function of intelligent bracelet will return
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